Sophie Perez Wants To Tell You A Few Things…

Posted on: January 7, 2009 By: Charlie Malloy - Comments ( zero )

FOX: Can you clarify what happened with the MySpace death hoax? Did Lola Cait make up that page as a joke?

Sophie Perez: The MySpace was put up to recruit girls into porn. Lola and I started to fall apart in January 2008 but remained MySpace friends until August 2008. That’s when she wanted me to join her agency and I declined. She wanted me to do escorting work. That’s another reason why Shirley Dimples is no longer with her. I think she made up this story so all fingers would point to [my former Giirlz Inc agent] Brian or maybe to hinder me in the industry. I don’t know why she would do that. I feel sorry for her. She had to go that LOW!?!?

I understand you still have a great relationship with Brian at Giirlz Inc. Some bloggers were saying he was involved with the MySpace page. Was any of that true?

NO! NO!! NO!!! Brian was heartbroken when he heard that insane news! He emailed me that same day and I gave him a phone call that very evening. No, he wouldn’t do such a thing.

Jeremy Steele wrote this about you in a comment at Luke Is Back: “She was into anal, rough sex, rape sex, asked me to hook up a d.p. (off camera) on her with a friend of mine which was always her personal fantasy but we never got around to it.” Would you like to comment?

He is fucking CRAZY!!! I DONT KNOW HIM!!! NEVER MET HIM!!!

He said you were neighbors in Hollywood…

Neighbors?!?! No, he was never my neighbor. Before anyone took his word for it, why didn’t they ask, “Do you know her? You have any pics with her?” Why would he say things like I wanted to fuck him? Anal? Come on, I know I am a pretty girl and can get guys to fuck me! Why would I talk to some random guy I never even laid eyes on?! Not only that, he is FUCKING ANCIENT!!! Pardon my French! I know I have done some old guys, cuz that’s the whole fantasy, but come on! I get paid to do that! If I wanted to get DPed anal “rape style,” I could get paid to do it!!! Win, Win, wouldn’t you think??? He is full of shit!!!

He said you were exchanging text messages.

No! Hell no! Ask him what’s the number?

Is there any chance you will return to the business?

At this time I am attending school and I don’t think so! Maybe ;)



Sophie Perez is Alive and Well and Living in Florida

Posted on: December 28, 2008 By: Jeff Hudis - Comments ( zero )

Sophie Perez is a sweet girl. Her former co-worker is not. Last week, she posted that Sophie was killed instantly in a car accident on their shared MySpace page, which was used to recruit talent for Girlz Inc. modeling agency. This hoax can be found at FOX is pleased to learn that Sophie is still among the living. She has, however, left the business.

FOX: Sophie where did you live before you came to L.A.?

Sophie: Danbury, Connecticut and Orlando Florida.

You look so young, how old are you?


What were you doing with yourself before you started doing scenes?

I was a telemarketer!

What led you to go into porn?

Money. (laughs)

How did you get acquainted with it? Did someone bring you in?

Yeah, I got recruited off of MySpace.

Yeah I think that a lot of people cruise MySpace looking for porn talent.

I do.

What was your pre-porn sex life like?

Well, it was definitely a lot better than porn.

Like how?

You actually get to cum.

Like in porn you’re just getting pounded and it’s more about the scene?

Yeah, it’s not really about your personal pleasure.

What’s the deal with the family?

My dad has 13 kids so you know he’s a horndog. I get it from my dad. 



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