Sophie Perez Wants To Tell You A Few Things…

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FOX: Can you clarify what happened with the MySpace death hoax? Did Lola Cait make up that page as a joke?

Sophie Perez: The MySpace was put up to recruit girls into porn. Lola and I started to fall apart in January 2008 but remained MySpace friends until August 2008. That’s when she wanted me to join her agency and I declined. She wanted me to do escorting work. That’s another reason why Shirley Dimples is no longer with her. I think she made up this story so all fingers would point to [my former Giirlz Inc agent] Brian or maybe to hinder me in the industry. I don’t know why she would do that. I feel sorry for her. She had to go that LOW!?!?

I understand you still have a great relationship with Brian at Giirlz Inc. Some bloggers were saying he was involved with the MySpace page. Was any of that true?

NO! NO!! NO!!! Brian was heartbroken when he heard that insane news! He emailed me that same day and I gave him a phone call that very evening. No, he wouldn’t do such a thing.

Jeremy Steele wrote this about you in a comment at Luke Is Back: “She was into anal, rough sex, rape sex, asked me to hook up a d.p. (off camera) on her with a friend of mine which was always her personal fantasy but we never got around to it.” Would you like to comment?

He is fucking CRAZY!!! I DONT KNOW HIM!!! NEVER MET HIM!!!

He said you were neighbors in Hollywood…

Neighbors?!?! No, he was never my neighbor. Before anyone took his word for it, why didn’t they ask, “Do you know her? You have any pics with her?” Why would he say things like I wanted to fuck him? Anal? Come on, I know I am a pretty girl and can get guys to fuck me! Why would I talk to some random guy I never even laid eyes on?! Not only that, he is FUCKING ANCIENT!!! Pardon my French! I know I have done some old guys, cuz that’s the whole fantasy, but come on! I get paid to do that! If I wanted to get DPed anal “rape style,” I could get paid to do it!!! Win, Win, wouldn’t you think??? He is full of shit!!!

He said you were exchanging text messages.

No! Hell no! Ask him what’s the number?

Is there any chance you will return to the business?

At this time I am attending school and I don’t think so! Maybe ;)



Sophie Perez is Alive and Well and Living in Florida

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Sophie Perez is a sweet girl. Her former co-worker is not. Last week, she posted that Sophie was killed instantly in a car accident on their shared MySpace page, which was used to recruit talent for Girlz Inc. modeling agency. This hoax can be found at FOX is pleased to learn that Sophie is still among the living. She has, however, left the business.

FOX: Sophie where did you live before you came to L.A.?

Sophie: Danbury, Connecticut and Orlando Florida.

You look so young, how old are you?


What were you doing with yourself before you started doing scenes?

I was a telemarketer!

What led you to go into porn?

Money. (laughs)

How did you get acquainted with it? Did someone bring you in?

Yeah, I got recruited off of MySpace.

Yeah I think that a lot of people cruise MySpace looking for porn talent.

I do.

What was your pre-porn sex life like?

Well, it was definitely a lot better than porn.

Like how?

You actually get to cum.

Like in porn you’re just getting pounded and it’s more about the scene?

Yeah, it’s not really about your personal pleasure.

What’s the deal with the family?

My dad has 13 kids so you know he’s a horndog. I get it from my dad. 




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FOX: How’s tricks? What is Pornstar Airlines currently up to?

Paskkal Bardot: We just hit the studios to record our first full length-album. Some guitar tracks and vocals have to be recorded yet. We’ll also do the drums at the end to have more space for arrangements, even though our songs have been composed for a long time now. There are very old songs that I have carried along with me for 16 years which have never been released. And there will be some newer songs too. We’re looking for a new lead-guitarist.

You’re into porn journalism too.

Paskkal: I meet a lot of adult models, and I like to interview them. If any porn girl would like to be interviewed, you can reach us at

I hear you have a great recording studio story you’d like to tell.

Paskkal: Yes, it just happened. We started to record a song called “The Illusive Fish.” It’s a song about eating pussy, dedicated to Mötley’s Mick Mars, who gave the answer to the question, “What’s your favourite fish?” by saying, “The illusive fish in a pantyhose that no one can seem to find.” We decided to let the song end with the sound of a pussy being licked and sucked and also the sound of the mouth doing it. So we took an adult model to the studio. We put the micro next to her thighs and I started to eat her out. But the sound was too quiet. You didn’t really hear anything exciting except her moaning. Someone said, “Lick her louder. And then everybody was shouting, “Lick her louder, lick her louder!!!” I was like, “How?!?!” Then someone else—I cannot say who because this could bring up some girl-trouble—took over. But he sounded like my dog when she stood in the kitchen drinking water out of her bowl. Someone goes, “We have to fake it. Remember that movie The Perfect Storm? They couldn’t take 10-meter waves because they don t really look dangerous even though they really are. They had to create some like 30-meter waves to make it look really frightening.So we bought a watermelon, just for eating it and also to record the sound. So everyone got a piece and ate like a pig just for show. Then it was gone without the recording work getting done. So we went back to the store and the girl there said, “Take those, they’re particularly big and juicy.” As if she knew. Then we started recording making fun with the sound of the seeds, like “Oh, I’ve jsut cracked her clit!” and shit like that. I don t know why, but it didn’t sound like eating pussy either. Maybe just because we KNEW it was fake. So I decided to lick the model again while she was eating watermelon. We put the mike as close as possible to her pussy and fixed the sound so we could record as loud as possible. It worked and you have her moaning in the background too when that wasn’t our plan. At least it’s authentic. When we did the backing vocals later someone noticed that the microphone smelled “strange.” But who’s complaining? We could have recorded farts…

Why do you do interviews with pornstars?

Paskkal: I know a couple of them. They promised to help me and they did. We thought it was time to bring back some more sex into rock-music again. Rock ‘n’ roll is all about sex. This expression is from a very old song from the 50s, where this black guy  sings, “I wanna rock and roll you all night long.” I don’t think he wanted to play cards with her. When the whites started to play the music it didn’t have a name yet. So Alan Freed, a radio DJ, called it “Rock ‘n’ Roll”. The rest is history. Rock and Sex are inseparable. And we like to provoke. Hell, it’s almost 2009,and sex is still a taboo issue. Everybody’s kinky, we’re just admitting we’re sick!

What’s the story of your stage names?

Cobra Swede: I took Swede because I like Puma Swede, but I had to add another animal…

Paskkal: I chose Bardot…guess why??? I mean, Brigitte is one of the hottest foxes ever. A real goddess. And I just love her attitude. And Bardot became a porn name anyway. And Paskkal IS my name, though it’s spelled differently.

Any favourite quotations?

Cobra: “You know you could be a rock ‘n’ roll star no matter who you are”—Backyard Babies

Paskkal: “There’s nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”—Shakespeare

“Keep being a scallywag with girls. Preach water, drink wine. If you get caught, explain that wine IS water to 99.9 %”—Paskkal Bardot

Your musical influences?

Cobra: Guns N’ Roses, Slash, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Hanoi Rocks, AC/DC, A.S.O.

Paskkal: Mötley Crue, Kiss, Punk rock bands, actually everything that’s good.

How did you come up with the name Pornstar Airlines?

Paskkal: It took a long time to find the right name. It had to be something that s understandable INTERNATIONALLY. First, we wanted to call the band “Fräulein Centerfold” since my mother is German. (I still think it s cool and funny. So I use it for a different thing.) Anyway, it had to be something that’s between man and woman. But I didn’t wanna have hillbilly stuff like using the words pussy, cock or cunt in the name. After all, would YOU wanna be in band called The Assfuckers , Tittysuckers or Pussy Brothers or anything like that??? We were sitting in a bar when someone goes, “Hey, between man and woman, there’s tenderness, when it all starts!” Tenderness? Of course, but I don’t wanna be in a band called Tenderness!!! How gay is that ? But then I reinvented the wheel. I thought and thought and suddenly it came out. “Hey, I’ve got it! It all starts with kissing, right??? So let’s call the band Kiss!!” Someone said, “Kiss??? I guess someone was smart enough wayyyy earlier than you.” LOL!!!!! At that moment I realized that I shouldn’t have said this, looking at the unbelieving faces. I knew this would follow me for a long time… Since then, I have to listen to crap like: “Hey, I’ve got a good idea for a band’s name like heavy material tumbling down, like rocks…how about the tumbling rocks, or even better, Rolling Stones!!!!” Or another one goes: “Hey, you are such a colorful gang, just name yourself Motley Crew and misspell the words to make it look cooler.” I just go: “Oh, fuck off!” One time I had sex on a flight with a stewardess. When I went back home I told that story to a friend of mine. He said this summer he had sex with a stewardess too, not on board though. But there was also a porn actress on board. We found out that it happened on the same airline, so I just mentioned: “That’s a real porn airline.” I kept that in mind somehow, until a friend of mine wrote a song called “Pornrock Airlines.” I read that title and thought “That’s it: PornSTAR Airlines!!!!!”

What are your favourite countries to play in?

Cobra: Spermany, USC (United States of Cumerica) Genitaly, Backdoorway, Spritzerland, Analbania, Swingland and Gettingblown Island…

Any well-known girls you’ve had sex with ?

Cobra: No comment.

Paskkal: Yes.But I don’t fuck and tell. I never thought it was cool to say, “Hey, I fucked this girl and that girl.” Maybe when we were 16. So let me put it this way, here are some names:

Jesse Jane

Debi Diamond

Puma Swede

Janet Gardner (Vixen, all-girl band from the 80s)

Vica Ryder

Angela Merkel

Dolly Buster

Melissa Black

Layla Rivera

Three of them I had sex with, 3 of them I didn’t have sex with, 1 of them I’d die to have sex with, 1 of them I’d rather die than have sex with, 1 of them begged me to have sex with her, but I didn’t. Make your choice.

What kinda of tattoos do you have and what do they symbolize? 

Cobra: An L.A.M.F. one that doesn t need to be explained I guess ;-)  2 stars on the shoulder, Woody Woodpecker and a R.I.P. Tattoo for my granny that means a lot to me.

Paskkal: I have a butterfly on my chest. It symbolizes 2 things: 1. transformation. I was the ugly guy in school when I was a kid/teenager with the thick coke-bottle glasses. No chance to get the girl even though I needed it so bad. I dyed my hair black one time and a buddy told me how to use eyeliner and how to build up 80s hair when I finally got contact lenses. We were in a rock club when someone goes: “Hey, you look like Tommy Lee from Iron Maiden!” I didn’t know both names, but as two hot girls talked to me that night I learned fast… 2. Do what you feel, whatever it is. Don’t bow down to any cliche. They say a butterfly is a woman’s tattoo,but I like it. So i took it. I don’t care what “they” say. I’m not bi, but I don’t have to prove masculinity by following stupid do’s and don’ts. I do what I want. I’m gonna have more tattoos but since I have to earn my money and have to think about how to spend it, I always prefer travelling, LOL! I know a lot of tattoo artists quite well, but most of them really suck.

Who are your favorite pornstars?

Cobra: Puma Swede, Vivian Schmitt

Paskkal: Debi Diamond in position 1; Layla Rivera, Alexandria Quinn in number 2; Vica Ryder, Melissa Black and Annette Schwarz in number 3. I guess. Oh, Puma Swede. She rocks my roll. Vica has freakish blue eyes. No one has eyes like her. She’s a winner, she’s almost a ten. It’s not only about the looks but how someone acts in porn (and real life). It’s actually very hard to answer. Debi is #1, she’s got everything. The looks, the acting, the passion, the attitude.

Who writes the songs in Pornstar Airlines?

Paskkal: It’s me basically. But we also use songs I didn’t write. Sometimes it’s like the guitarists write the music without the vocal melody and I do that including doing the lyrics. A song is always divided in text and music. The vocal melody belongs to the music as well, so I get credits all the time, LOL ! The guitarists are good songwriters as well. Cobra is a good writer. ”High Degree Seduction” or “The Biggest Fan of Your Ass”, for instance, were perfectly written by Jani and some friend, but they didn’t have any idea for the vocal melody, so I completed that. Usually I don’t like to collaborate in songwriting. As an artist I have a complete picture of a song, even its rhythm. My favourite songs from other bands are written by ONE person, like Nikki Sixx, Steve Harris, Paul Stanley, Kristy Majors…Would Leonardo Da Vinci have been happy if someone added a violet and a butterfly to his SUNFLOWERS ?? ;-)

Do you have sex onstage like some other bands?

Paskkal: No, I never liked that. But some innuendos and short pretendings are quite cool. And dancers. I love pole-dancers.

What was the last concert you saw?

Cobra: Backyard Babies

Paskkal: The Mansfields, a punk-rock band. It was rad.

Will there only be sex lyrics in Pornstar Airlines song? There aren’t endless topics about asses and titties…

Paskkal: Hey,we don t have a song about titties yet! And none about DPs. And ATM. No missionary topic, no doggy one. See?There are some more. And then we’ll close Pornstar Airlines. And start again under the name Dogstar Airlines. I guess there are more dog races than positions. Speaking of dogs, I just created a new race: I crossed a Pitbull with a Shi-Tsu and called the result Bull-Shit… No,seriously: There are and will be lyrics about anything we think worth singing about. “Jokin and Smokin” has no sex lyrics. There’s a new song called “Animal Defense System,” one called “Bastard Saints” about people telling you not to cross the street during red lights but smoking in front of children. And a beautiful ballad called “Freakish Blue Eyes.” We can do what we want, we don’t have to fulfill expectations. We’re not mainstream, we do mainly good-time rock, heavily influenced by the 80s but harder than the most of the bands during that period.

What do you do in your leisure time? 

Cobra: Play guitar

Paskkal: I love aquariums and terrariums. Being a breeder I create and take care of them. Music is important too. And I still enjoy wanking off to films with Layla Rivera.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Paskkal: ThanXXX for flying with Pornstar Airlines. If you’re sick of being in seventh heaven, be sure we fly all the way up to number 8. If you’re sick of being on cloud 9, be sure we fly all the way up to number 69!


Fly Pornstar Airlines at: 



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