Anabolic “Sweet Cheeks 11″ Release Party!

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Sophie Perez Wants To Tell You A Few Things…

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FOX: Can you clarify what happened with the MySpace death hoax? Did Lola Cait make up that page as a joke?

Sophie Perez: The MySpace was put up to recruit girls into porn. Lola and I started to fall apart in January 2008 but remained MySpace friends until August 2008. That’s when she wanted me to join her agency and I declined. She wanted me to do escorting work. That’s another reason why Shirley Dimples is no longer with her. I think she made up this story so all fingers would point to [my former Giirlz Inc agent] Brian or maybe to hinder me in the industry. I don’t know why she would do that. I feel sorry for her. She had to go that LOW!?!?

I understand you still have a great relationship with Brian at Giirlz Inc. Some bloggers were saying he was involved with the MySpace page. Was any of that true?

NO! NO!! NO!!! Brian was heartbroken when he heard that insane news! He emailed me that same day and I gave him a phone call that very evening. No, he wouldn’t do such a thing.

Jeremy Steele wrote this about you in a comment at Luke Is Back: “She was into anal, rough sex, rape sex, asked me to hook up a d.p. (off camera) on her with a friend of mine which was always her personal fantasy but we never got around to it.” Would you like to comment?

He is fucking CRAZY!!! I DONT KNOW HIM!!! NEVER MET HIM!!!

He said you were neighbors in Hollywood…

Neighbors?!?! No, he was never my neighbor. Before anyone took his word for it, why didn’t they ask, “Do you know her? You have any pics with her?” Why would he say things like I wanted to fuck him? Anal? Come on, I know I am a pretty girl and can get guys to fuck me! Why would I talk to some random guy I never even laid eyes on?! Not only that, he is FUCKING ANCIENT!!! Pardon my French! I know I have done some old guys, cuz that’s the whole fantasy, but come on! I get paid to do that! If I wanted to get DPed anal “rape style,” I could get paid to do it!!! Win, Win, wouldn’t you think??? He is full of shit!!!

He said you were exchanging text messages.

No! Hell no! Ask him what’s the number?

Is there any chance you will return to the business?

At this time I am attending school and I don’t think so! Maybe ;)



FOX On-The-Set XXXclusive!: Jake Malone’s BITCHCRAFT 4

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There is a strange place that many porn people end up visiting during their careers. It’s called Jake World. It’s a place where time slows down and most of the regular rules of the universe cease to apply. They are replaced by Jake Rules, which are by no means unkind. Actually, the opposite is true because Jake Rules are less linear and more forgiving, but stuff just takes longer. Whatever events occur are free to blossom in their own special way. Evil Angel director Jake Malone comes up with atypical ways to state the obvious and all participants—or some might even say “captors”—within the Jake phenomena need to re-tool their ideas about linear time in order to function at maximum efficiency. Once you are on the bus, surprising and bizarre happenings accompany what can sometimes turn out to be a convoluted ride. But at the end of it all the porn produced is pretty off the fucking hook.

For today’s scene in Bitchcraft 4, Malone has called in some big guns. Spiegler Girl Bobbi Starr and Sasha Grey, both sexual extremists of great repute and ability, know how to earn their whore bucks. Unlike the recent crop of sexual nitpickers (several of whom I have even seen complain about not being able to take larger than average cock on a porn shoot for fuck’s sake), Bobbi and Sasha can and will take what is given to them as a matter of course—and then some.





FOX Q&A: New Spiegler Girl Mina Leigh

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FOX: How does a standard day go for Mina Leigh?

Mina Leigh: The days I do porn scenes start the night before with lots of sleep. There’s a whole routine of grooming and staying healthy when I do this work; it can be very taxing on the body. But after a shower, I go to my shoot. I love getting hair and make-up done. It’s like this silly childhood fantasy of being pampered comes true and I get goose bumps of joy and flattery. I always enjoy doing the “pretty girl” photos, which is actually my favorite part. I have some previous experience in modeling, so I’m in my comfort zone. I still get nervous before scenes, especially when it’s talent I’ve never worked with. Sometimes there’s chemistry; sometimes there isn’t and sometimes I’m just shy. Either way, I push past it and try to do the best scene I can, no matter what I’m feeling. I approach all work that way. After a scene, I shower, eat and nap.

You’ve just started shooting porn scenes. What is your favorite scene so far?

My favorite scene is also my first scene with James Deen. In this scene, I didn’t have to play a character, nor did I know how a porn star should act, so I just got to be myself and have sex like I would have in my personal life. He’s also a great performer; He knows how to bring a lot of energy out in his scenes while maintaining hot poses. Though, I have to admit, I went a little crazy, sometimes compromising the poses. But what can I say? That’s what amateur is all about—reality.

Hey, we’re never going to complain if you’re enjoying your work. Moving on, the planets all fell into alignment and nobody has a scene for Mina Leigh to shoot today. You’ve got a full 24 hours to do whatever you want and nobody to answer to. How would you spend that day?

Well, I don’t remember the last time I had no one to answer to; That’s a foreign concept to me. I’m on my laptop all the time when I’m not doing scenes. I’m a web designer, so I’m juggling that life with my porn life. But if I didn’t even have to do that, I’d be writing and working on my artistic endeavors. I’m obsessed with developing my art and hope one day I get more notoriety for that than my pussy.

I can certainly understand that, although after watching you in action I hope you take a loooonngggg time to perfect your craft. You look tiny! Are you even 95 pounds? How tall are you?

Yes, I’m petite, but no, I’m not 95 pounds—rather, 105 and 5’4″. When I started in the business, I was about 10 pounds heavier. As a belly dancer, it’s sexier to have curves, but I realized it’s not as flattering on-camera, so I changed my diet to lots of protein (fakin’ bacon, eggs and fish), salads and whole fruit, and quickly lost the weight.

Five-four and 105 is still pretty damn petite. What genre of porn do you like working in best so far? Why?

I prefer anal shoots. They’re my favorite scenes to watch, so why not be in them. I also love girl-girl, but I have yet to just do an all girl-girl scene. Too bad they’re not in high demand—I love women.

Apparently we can look forward to a girl-girl anal strap-on scene somewhere in your future. Let us know when that shoot comes up so we can put it on the calendar!


Are you feature dancing as well?

I never feature danced, but I am a belly dancer—and I never involve stripping in my routines. Belly dancing is a celebration of the female figure that takes lots of strength, technique and mood. It’s the ultimate art of seduction, yet it embodies female power.

Has anybody offered you work that you turned down flat? If so, why?

Yes, during my first week in porn, my then agent got a call for an anal cream pie shoot for me and I turned it down. It’s a sanitary thing.

I can understand that. I’m disappointed, but I can understand that. Tell us one thing about Mina Leigh that nobody knows.

I’m not your average porn chick, by any means. Actually, I’m a total hippie in certain ways: eating local, organic foods; cooking for myself; supporting local businesses; encouraging thoughtful conversation whenever possible. I, however, am not the type of hippie that’s preachy, judgmental or lazy. If I bank in porn, or in any of my other future endeavors, I would love to put my hard work into philanthropy. I have this dream of creating a self-sustaining, green, urban community. Hopefully, my projects will encourage accountability and social responsibility just by their atmosphere and communal structure. I’ve also mentored children in my past and hope to put my focus into that again.

Do you have favorite male and female performers?

That’s easy; James Deen and Joanna Angel. I love their sense of humor in the Burning Angel movies.

Okay, the director on the set is bored and he wants you to come up with any scene that you want. What do you do and who are you doing it with?

First, I’d like to say that I feel like most porn falls short exploring sensuality. There’s nothing wrong with hot penetration, but I love tongues, hands strokes, kissing—and that doesn’t mean softcore either. Tease me to the inevitable; I love foreplay. And please, fucking add a sexy rim light! As far as the scene, I want to make it an epic movie about international spies and assassins starring Belladonna, Sasha Grey, Evie Delatosso, Mz Berlin, Roxy DeVille, Katsuni and me, but I want to play a Turkish belly dancer. I also want a French punk burlesque scene too with Joanna Angel and a few hot Burning Angel girls. Have it be a film noir porn. Of course, it’ll have lots of crazy group sex, girl-girl, anal, dps, even fetish amongst all the top secret betrayal.

Tell us the sluttiest thing you’ve ever done.

Isn’t porn slutty enough? I recently did a scene that was an anal peep show, where one guy fucked my ass while three other guys watched then they came in my mouth. That’s pretty slutty! My personal life is not that vivid.

That’s pretty slutty, but to answer your question, FOX believes a woman can never be too slutty. So when you wind up your porn career, what do you think you might do for a living?

Well, I’ll keep doing websites throughout my career in porn, but I hope to expand my professional creativity in larger projects. I’m a dreamer, so maybe I’ll be lucky enough to be a philanthropist and make my dreams of a better world a reality.

Would you like to say anything to your fans?

Look forward to lots of hot anal from me soon!

Oh we do Mina, we REALLY do!

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Ami Emerson Eats 65-Man Cum Omelette!

Ami Emerson Eats 71-Man Cum Omelette!

Johnny Thrust Self-Portrait After Robbery

Johnny Thrust: Self-Portrait After Robbery

(Sepulveda/North Hills CA) Jim Powers’ Ami Emerson cum-omelette eating Gokkun shoot for JM Productions was interrupted Wednesday evening by an armed gunman who robbed the production at gunpoint. Just before the motley crop of male talent dropped trou and loads, production manager Johnny Thrust burst onto the San Fernando Valley soundstage, shouting “I just got fucking robbed! They put a gun to my head!” Thrust described the gunman as a light-skinned black man wearing an LA Dodgers jacket over a Kevlar vest. The reported take was $3,750.



FOX Q&A: Moxxie Maddron

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We here at have the best jobs on the planet. Sure, the pay is crap, the hours are long and Charlie Malloy occasionally throws empty pint glasses at our heads. But where else do you get to have private conversations with Hell House Media contract girl (and new FOX editor!) Moxxie Maddron?

FOX: “Moxxie Maddron” is a fairly unusual name. How did you choose it?

Moxxie: Several years ago, I was working in a restaurant/lounge, and a regular customer always called me “Moxie.” I asked him why. He said, “Well, girl, you gotta lotta Moxie!” I looked up its definition that evening. It definitely suited me!! I liked it. I began using it as a login name online, adding another “x,” since I did not want to spell it the same as the soda! I also used it as an out-of-town alias the occasional weekend when a friend and I would get the hell out of our tiny little podunk hometown to go get into trouble and have some fun.

So at my first shoot, I used “Moxxie.” Later, when the woman doing my paperwork asked about a last name, I wanted something alliterated, asked if she had any suggestions? “Didn’t you say your friend’s name started with an ‘M’?” She asked. “He’s been sitting outside in the car all day waiting to take care of you.” The scene was a very heavy BDSM shoot, and a friend had come with me, and waited in the car all day, making sure I was safe, and to drive me the two hours home, knowing I would be in no condition to drive myself home afterward. “Why don’t you make it a tribute to him?” So “Moxxie Maddron” it was. Of course at the time I was convinced this was a one time thing only!! Not the start of a new career!! I like my name, even though it tends to get misspelled a lot… it suits me! And no one else has it!

As we’ve all seen, you have a ton of looks and have been in a lot of genres in the industry. What’s your favorite look and what’s your favorite kind of adult film?

I have had quite a few looks… I think that’s kind of part of growing up. I had more of a goth look when I came into the biz, though I was never a goth girl!! I was just pale and have dark hair and piercings, and tats. I think that look worked better with what I did then, the more BDSM, fetish, and bondage work. Pale skin shows hand prints and other various marks quite well!!

I have moved into a more mainstream look, but with still an edgy “bad girl” look. That comes with the tats and piercings, I guess! I feel like now I have a good balance! People have seen that I can play pretty and nice as well as rough ’n’ tumble! I can wear pink lace, OR black vinyl corsets and collars. About the only look I can’t do is barely legal or blond, LOL!

As for my favorite kind of adult film, as a performer, my favorite type of scene is an aggressive, intense sex scene. Not necessarily BDSM, just where the guy (or guys!) are definitely giving it to me deep and hard and fast and furious. Holding me down and making me take it… Add in a little slapping, choking, biting, hair pulling is hot as hell and encouraged, but I don’t want that to be the point. GREAT sex should be the point! The kind where you can’t talk or see straight by the time you’re finished.

It’s been a long tough day on the set. Your male co-star is having problems performing and they might cancel the shoot. What do you do when something like that happens?

I am quite blessed, and have never had this happen to me!! Knock on EVERY big ol’ piece of wood in the world. I have had a guy “noodle,” where he struggled to perform, but it’s only happened a couple times, and thankfully, it has never lasted long! It was usually from rough working conditions, long days, late night by the time we shot, or shooting in extreme heat. When a guy is having a hard time, I just do whatever I can to help him get back where he needs to be! ;)

Director, photographer, talent. Name your favorite people to work with.

Ooohhh…. Let’s see, for favorite directors, Eli Cross, Quasarman, are a couple of my favorites, and Chris King doubles as director AND fave photographer. As for performers… Mark Davis, Kylie Ireland, James Deen, and so many others, the list goes on!!

What scene has been the most memorable, that stands out above all the others?


There are two scenes, in two completely different ways!!

When I first worked for, (they’re gone now, reference it was crazy!! They were super nice and fun to work with…of course until the scene started! It was the most intense scene pain-wise I had or have ever experienced, yet I was so proud, since I didn’t stop the scene. I screamed my head off in agony, I walked away with zebra stripes from ass to ankles and deep tissue bruising for a month. Insex was THE best of that type of work, and I shot for them, and did an excellent job. It was definitely memorable!

The other is a little more sexy! It was about a year and half ago, I was shooting for Vivid for the first time, for Eli Cross’ last couple movies for them. The scene was with Mark Davis and Kylie Ireland. No set up, he just grabbed us both by the hair, told us to kiss, and it was on! Crazy filthy fucking ensued. Kylie and I both got fucked deeply in every hole, including for my first time ever, Kylie fisted me! Tons of extra people were on set just to watch it was such a HOT scene. By the time it was over, Kylie and I just laid there next to each other with silly smiles on our faces staring at the ceiling, not really ready to move, thoroughly satisfied. It was DEFINITELY a great scene, great sex, and a great time!!

Have you ever shot a scene you enjoyed so much you thought, “Holy crap? They’re going to pay me for that”

Absolutely! So many times! Thats one of the incredible things about my job! I get to have amazing sex, AND get to take home a paycheck!

You’ve already had a pretty extensive career, but nothing lasts forever. What do you plan to do when you retire from porn?

I have a few ideas!! I used to manage bars and nightclubs, I loved it and I was good at it! I may buy a bar someday after porn. I also  want to go to school. I want to take psychology, whether I turn it into a career or not. Whatever I do, I want to do it living on a small farm!






FOX On-the-Set XXXclusive: WASTED YOUTH 7

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Seattle girl Chastity Lynn on-set with Talon for Red Light District’s WASTED YOUTH 7. Mark Wood directs and assistant/wife/porn icon Francesca Le helps out.

Mark Wood: “WASTED YOUTH 7 is a love story. It’s Titanic without the boat.”

Chastity Lynn: “I’ve just been here in L.A. for a week. The more sex I have the better it gets.” 

Look for all the dirty details in an upcoming issue of FOX!



FOX On-the-Set XXXclusive: White Trash Whore 40

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JM's White Trash Whore 40: Jim Powers shoots set-ups of Tianna and Kacey Starr

 The setting for JM Productions’ WHITE TRASH WHORE 40 (that’s right, there have only been 40 volumes so far) is an actual, bona fide Harley Davidson machine-shop complex in the middle of the San Fernando Valley. As usual, director Jim Powers’ ever-present production manager Johnny Thrust runs operations from an adjoining house while Powers shoots scenes in and around the machine shop. I get the impression that the biker folks living here are used to having their place used as a movie set. They mill around as Powers shoots pick-ups in the alley behind the house and scenes in the machine shop.

Dave Hardman, Jim Powers, Kacey Starr and Seth Dickens

Dave Hardman, Jim Powers, Kaci Starr and Seth Dickens

Kaci Starr does a slimey three-way with Super Dave Hardman and Seth Dickens in a large, sweltering garage littered with bike parts, drill presses and other assorted heavy machinery. The scene takes quite a while to complete and several water breaks are needed on account of the heat. Believe me, dudes, there isn’t a better white trash set in all of L.A. This is the real thing and my hat goes off to Starr, Hardman and Dickens for seeing it out under oppressive conditions. FOX has to split before the big gangbang scene with Tianna. An assortment of gentlemen cool their heels in a front area after filling out their releases.

Johnny Thrust gets pissed at Hardman for eating his hamburger, but as usual Powers can turn any incident into a joke, thereby sapping its destructive power.

This stuff is always insane and the hardest of hardcore. There are elements of extreme performance art in any Powers endeavor. He is a punk rocker and shoots his porn accordingly. Extreme is the norm. This shit is raw, folks.



Mike John and Tim Von Swine bend the elbow with FOX at the Figueroa Hotel

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Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up

Tim Von Swine and Mike John



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