FOX On-The-Set XXXclusive!: Brandon Iron’s SHE IS HALF MY AGE 4

Posted on: November 3, 2008 By: Jeff Hudis - Comments ( zero )

It’s a dark drive down a winding, wooded driveway to Rose’s house. This would be the residence of the fabled “Rose” from the Redd Rose modeling agency, along with several young women she happens to represent at the moment. One of them is rangy Texan Madison Ivy who has just arrived from Sacramento, where she has been working as a stripper. Brandon Iron has booked her to do a scene with German porn icon Steve Holmes for his JM-distributed, Brandon Iron Productions movie She Is Half My Age 4. You can’t get much fresher, at least in a porn sense, than Madison who, at18, has been doing scenes for all of six days. And you can’t get much more of a certified pussy specialist than Holmes, who has violated thousands of vaginas on and off camera during his multi-continental erotic career. He can’t stop fucking and is in the right business. This dude is the real thing.

Iron sets up his lights in a smallish upstairs bedroom while Rose and several girls mill around the house trouncing up and down the stairs. Madison Ivy has changed into a pink bra and panties and is lounging on the huge brown bed that will serve as tonight’s fucking platform. “I’m super flexible and I can put my legs behind my head while I’m getting fucked,” she says, “I haven’t seen a lot of girls do that.” She lays back and places each heel behind her head with ease which elicits a collective “Whoa,” from Holmes, Iron and myself. All true pussy hounds dream about encountering women with this type of flexibility. When you actually run into this kind of thing for real the possibilities for sexual complexity immediately skyrocket. It’s also obvious that Madison is by no means reticent about employing this ability as a sexual motif. It seems to have become a major selling point.

Meet Madison Ivy and get the rest of the dirty details in the December issue of FOX!




FOX On-The-Set XXXclusive!: Jake Malone’s BITCHCRAFT 4

Posted on: October 15, 2008 By: Jeff Hudis - Comments ( zero )

There is a strange place that many porn people end up visiting during their careers. It’s called Jake World. It’s a place where time slows down and most of the regular rules of the universe cease to apply. They are replaced by Jake Rules, which are by no means unkind. Actually, the opposite is true because Jake Rules are less linear and more forgiving, but stuff just takes longer. Whatever events occur are free to blossom in their own special way. Evil Angel director Jake Malone comes up with atypical ways to state the obvious and all participants—or some might even say “captors”—within the Jake phenomena need to re-tool their ideas about linear time in order to function at maximum efficiency. Once you are on the bus, surprising and bizarre happenings accompany what can sometimes turn out to be a convoluted ride. But at the end of it all the porn produced is pretty off the fucking hook.

For today’s scene in Bitchcraft 4, Malone has called in some big guns. Spiegler Girl Bobbi Starr and Sasha Grey, both sexual extremists of great repute and ability, know how to earn their whore bucks. Unlike the recent crop of sexual nitpickers (several of whom I have even seen complain about not being able to take larger than average cock on a porn shoot for fuck’s sake), Bobbi and Sasha can and will take what is given to them as a matter of course—and then some.






Posted on: October 2, 2008 By: Charlie Malloy - Comments ( zero )

Ami Emerson Eats 65-Man Cum Omelette!

Ami Emerson Eats 71-Man Cum Omelette!

Johnny Thrust Self-Portrait After Robbery

Johnny Thrust: Self-Portrait After Robbery

(Sepulveda/North Hills CA) Jim Powers’ Ami Emerson cum-omelette eating Gokkun shoot for JM Productions was interrupted Wednesday evening by an armed gunman who robbed the production at gunpoint. Just before the motley crop of male talent dropped trou and loads, production manager Johnny Thrust burst onto the San Fernando Valley soundstage, shouting “I just got fucking robbed! They put a gun to my head!” Thrust described the gunman as a light-skinned black man wearing an LA Dodgers jacket over a Kevlar vest. The reported take was $3,750.



FOX On-the-Set XXXclusive: WASTED YOUTH 7

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Seattle girl Chastity Lynn on-set with Talon for Red Light District’s WASTED YOUTH 7. Mark Wood directs and assistant/wife/porn icon Francesca Le helps out.

Mark Wood: “WASTED YOUTH 7 is a love story. It’s Titanic without the boat.”

Chastity Lynn: “I’ve just been here in L.A. for a week. The more sex I have the better it gets.” 

Look for all the dirty details in an upcoming issue of FOX!



FOX On-the-Set XXXclusive: White Trash Whore 40

Posted on: September 17, 2008 By: Jeff Hudis - Comments ( zero )

JM's White Trash Whore 40: Jim Powers shoots set-ups of Tianna and Kacey Starr

 The setting for JM Productions’ WHITE TRASH WHORE 40 (that’s right, there have only been 40 volumes so far) is an actual, bona fide Harley Davidson machine-shop complex in the middle of the San Fernando Valley. As usual, director Jim Powers’ ever-present production manager Johnny Thrust runs operations from an adjoining house while Powers shoots scenes in and around the machine shop. I get the impression that the biker folks living here are used to having their place used as a movie set. They mill around as Powers shoots pick-ups in the alley behind the house and scenes in the machine shop.

Dave Hardman, Jim Powers, Kacey Starr and Seth Dickens

Dave Hardman, Jim Powers, Kaci Starr and Seth Dickens

Kaci Starr does a slimey three-way with Super Dave Hardman and Seth Dickens in a large, sweltering garage littered with bike parts, drill presses and other assorted heavy machinery. The scene takes quite a while to complete and several water breaks are needed on account of the heat. Believe me, dudes, there isn’t a better white trash set in all of L.A. This is the real thing and my hat goes off to Starr, Hardman and Dickens for seeing it out under oppressive conditions. FOX has to split before the big gangbang scene with Tianna. An assortment of gentlemen cool their heels in a front area after filling out their releases.

Johnny Thrust gets pissed at Hardman for eating his hamburger, but as usual Powers can turn any incident into a joke, thereby sapping its destructive power.

This stuff is always insane and the hardest of hardcore. There are elements of extreme performance art in any Powers endeavor. He is a punk rocker and shoots his porn accordingly. Extreme is the norm. This shit is raw, folks.



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