Sophie Perez is Alive and Well and Living in Florida

Posted on: December 28, 2008 By: Jeff Hudis - Comments ( zero )

Sophie Perez is a sweet girl. Her former co-worker is not. Last week, she posted that Sophie was killed instantly in a car accident on their shared MySpace page, which was used to recruit talent for Girlz Inc. modeling agency. This hoax can be found at FOX is pleased to learn that Sophie is still among the living. She has, however, left the business.

FOX: Sophie where did you live before you came to L.A.?

Sophie: Danbury, Connecticut and Orlando Florida.

You look so young, how old are you?


What were you doing with yourself before you started doing scenes?

I was a telemarketer!

What led you to go into porn?

Money. (laughs)

How did you get acquainted with it? Did someone bring you in?

Yeah, I got recruited off of MySpace.

Yeah I think that a lot of people cruise MySpace looking for porn talent.

I do.

What was your pre-porn sex life like?

Well, it was definitely a lot better than porn.

Like how?

You actually get to cum.

Like in porn you’re just getting pounded and it’s more about the scene?

Yeah, it’s not really about your personal pleasure.

What’s the deal with the family?

My dad has 13 kids so you know he’s a horndog. I get it from my dad. 

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