Anabolic “Sweet Cheeks 11″ Release Party!

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Sophie Perez Wants To Tell You A Few Things…

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FOX: Can you clarify what happened with the MySpace death hoax? Did Lola Cait make up that page as a joke?

Sophie Perez: The MySpace was put up to recruit girls into porn. Lola and I started to fall apart in January 2008 but remained MySpace friends until August 2008. That’s when she wanted me to join her agency and I declined. She wanted me to do escorting work. That’s another reason why Shirley Dimples is no longer with her. I think she made up this story so all fingers would point to [my former Giirlz Inc agent] Brian or maybe to hinder me in the industry. I don’t know why she would do that. I feel sorry for her. She had to go that LOW!?!?

I understand you still have a great relationship with Brian at Giirlz Inc. Some bloggers were saying he was involved with the MySpace page. Was any of that true?

NO! NO!! NO!!! Brian was heartbroken when he heard that insane news! He emailed me that same day and I gave him a phone call that very evening. No, he wouldn’t do such a thing.

Jeremy Steele wrote this about you in a comment at Luke Is Back: “She was into anal, rough sex, rape sex, asked me to hook up a d.p. (off camera) on her with a friend of mine which was always her personal fantasy but we never got around to it.” Would you like to comment?

He is fucking CRAZY!!! I DONT KNOW HIM!!! NEVER MET HIM!!!

He said you were neighbors in Hollywood…

Neighbors?!?! No, he was never my neighbor. Before anyone took his word for it, why didn’t they ask, “Do you know her? You have any pics with her?” Why would he say things like I wanted to fuck him? Anal? Come on, I know I am a pretty girl and can get guys to fuck me! Why would I talk to some random guy I never even laid eyes on?! Not only that, he is FUCKING ANCIENT!!! Pardon my French! I know I have done some old guys, cuz that’s the whole fantasy, but come on! I get paid to do that! If I wanted to get DPed anal “rape style,” I could get paid to do it!!! Win, Win, wouldn’t you think??? He is full of shit!!!

He said you were exchanging text messages.

No! Hell no! Ask him what’s the number?

Is there any chance you will return to the business?

At this time I am attending school and I don’t think so! Maybe ;)



Sophie Perez is Alive and Well and Living in Florida

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Sophie Perez is a sweet girl. Her former co-worker is not. Last week, she posted that Sophie was killed instantly in a car accident on their shared MySpace page, which was used to recruit talent for Girlz Inc. modeling agency. This hoax can be found at FOX is pleased to learn that Sophie is still among the living. She has, however, left the business.

FOX: Sophie where did you live before you came to L.A.?

Sophie: Danbury, Connecticut and Orlando Florida.

You look so young, how old are you?


What were you doing with yourself before you started doing scenes?

I was a telemarketer!

What led you to go into porn?

Money. (laughs)

How did you get acquainted with it? Did someone bring you in?

Yeah, I got recruited off of MySpace.

Yeah I think that a lot of people cruise MySpace looking for porn talent.

I do.

What was your pre-porn sex life like?

Well, it was definitely a lot better than porn.

Like how?

You actually get to cum.

Like in porn you’re just getting pounded and it’s more about the scene?

Yeah, it’s not really about your personal pleasure.

What’s the deal with the family?

My dad has 13 kids so you know he’s a horndog. I get it from my dad. 




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FOX: How’s tricks? What is Pornstar Airlines currently up to?

Paskkal Bardot: We just hit the studios to record our first full length-album. Some guitar tracks and vocals have to be recorded yet. We’ll also do the drums at the end to have more space for arrangements, even though our songs have been composed for a long time now. There are very old songs that I have carried along with me for 16 years which have never been released. And there will be some newer songs too. We’re looking for a new lead-guitarist.

You’re into porn journalism too.

Paskkal: I meet a lot of adult models, and I like to interview them. If any porn girl would like to be interviewed, you can reach us at

I hear you have a great recording studio story you’d like to tell.

Paskkal: Yes, it just happened. We started to record a song called “The Illusive Fish.” It’s a song about eating pussy, dedicated to Mötley’s Mick Mars, who gave the answer to the question, “What’s your favourite fish?” by saying, “The illusive fish in a pantyhose that no one can seem to find.” We decided to let the song end with the sound of a pussy being licked and sucked and also the sound of the mouth doing it. So we took an adult model to the studio. We put the micro next to her thighs and I started to eat her out. But the sound was too quiet. You didn’t really hear anything exciting except her moaning. Someone said, “Lick her louder. And then everybody was shouting, “Lick her louder, lick her louder!!!” I was like, “How?!?!” Then someone else—I cannot say who because this could bring up some girl-trouble—took over. But he sounded like my dog when she stood in the kitchen drinking water out of her bowl. Someone goes, “We have to fake it. Remember that movie The Perfect Storm? They couldn’t take 10-meter waves because they don t really look dangerous even though they really are. They had to create some like 30-meter waves to make it look really frightening.So we bought a watermelon, just for eating it and also to record the sound. So everyone got a piece and ate like a pig just for show. Then it was gone without the recording work getting done. So we went back to the store and the girl there said, “Take those, they’re particularly big and juicy.” As if she knew. Then we started recording making fun with the sound of the seeds, like “Oh, I’ve jsut cracked her clit!” and shit like that. I don t know why, but it didn’t sound like eating pussy either. Maybe just because we KNEW it was fake. So I decided to lick the model again while she was eating watermelon. We put the mike as close as possible to her pussy and fixed the sound so we could record as loud as possible. It worked and you have her moaning in the background too when that wasn’t our plan. At least it’s authentic. When we did the backing vocals later someone noticed that the microphone smelled “strange.” But who’s complaining? We could have recorded farts…

Why do you do interviews with pornstars?

Paskkal: I know a couple of them. They promised to help me and they did. We thought it was time to bring back some more sex into rock-music again. Rock ‘n’ roll is all about sex. This expression is from a very old song from the 50s, where this black guy  sings, “I wanna rock and roll you all night long.” I don’t think he wanted to play cards with her. When the whites started to play the music it didn’t have a name yet. So Alan Freed, a radio DJ, called it “Rock ‘n’ Roll”. The rest is history. Rock and Sex are inseparable. And we like to provoke. Hell, it’s almost 2009,and sex is still a taboo issue. Everybody’s kinky, we’re just admitting we’re sick!

What’s the story of your stage names?

Cobra Swede: I took Swede because I like Puma Swede, but I had to add another animal…

Paskkal: I chose Bardot…guess why??? I mean, Brigitte is one of the hottest foxes ever. A real goddess. And I just love her attitude. And Bardot became a porn name anyway. And Paskkal IS my name, though it’s spelled differently.

Any favourite quotations?

Cobra: “You know you could be a rock ‘n’ roll star no matter who you are”—Backyard Babies

Paskkal: “There’s nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”—Shakespeare

“Keep being a scallywag with girls. Preach water, drink wine. If you get caught, explain that wine IS water to 99.9 %”—Paskkal Bardot

Your musical influences?

Cobra: Guns N’ Roses, Slash, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Hanoi Rocks, AC/DC, A.S.O.

Paskkal: Mötley Crue, Kiss, Punk rock bands, actually everything that’s good.

How did you come up with the name Pornstar Airlines?

Paskkal: It took a long time to find the right name. It had to be something that s understandable INTERNATIONALLY. First, we wanted to call the band “Fräulein Centerfold” since my mother is German. (I still think it s cool and funny. So I use it for a different thing.) Anyway, it had to be something that’s between man and woman. But I didn’t wanna have hillbilly stuff like using the words pussy, cock or cunt in the name. After all, would YOU wanna be in band called The Assfuckers , Tittysuckers or Pussy Brothers or anything like that??? We were sitting in a bar when someone goes, “Hey, between man and woman, there’s tenderness, when it all starts!” Tenderness? Of course, but I don’t wanna be in a band called Tenderness!!! How gay is that ? But then I reinvented the wheel. I thought and thought and suddenly it came out. “Hey, I’ve got it! It all starts with kissing, right??? So let’s call the band Kiss!!” Someone said, “Kiss??? I guess someone was smart enough wayyyy earlier than you.” LOL!!!!! At that moment I realized that I shouldn’t have said this, looking at the unbelieving faces. I knew this would follow me for a long time… Since then, I have to listen to crap like: “Hey, I’ve got a good idea for a band’s name like heavy material tumbling down, like rocks…how about the tumbling rocks, or even better, Rolling Stones!!!!” Or another one goes: “Hey, you are such a colorful gang, just name yourself Motley Crew and misspell the words to make it look cooler.” I just go: “Oh, fuck off!” One time I had sex on a flight with a stewardess. When I went back home I told that story to a friend of mine. He said this summer he had sex with a stewardess too, not on board though. But there was also a porn actress on board. We found out that it happened on the same airline, so I just mentioned: “That’s a real porn airline.” I kept that in mind somehow, until a friend of mine wrote a song called “Pornrock Airlines.” I read that title and thought “That’s it: PornSTAR Airlines!!!!!”

What are your favourite countries to play in?

Cobra: Spermany, USC (United States of Cumerica) Genitaly, Backdoorway, Spritzerland, Analbania, Swingland and Gettingblown Island…

Any well-known girls you’ve had sex with ?

Cobra: No comment.

Paskkal: Yes.But I don’t fuck and tell. I never thought it was cool to say, “Hey, I fucked this girl and that girl.” Maybe when we were 16. So let me put it this way, here are some names:

Jesse Jane

Debi Diamond

Puma Swede

Janet Gardner (Vixen, all-girl band from the 80s)

Vica Ryder

Angela Merkel

Dolly Buster

Melissa Black

Layla Rivera

Three of them I had sex with, 3 of them I didn’t have sex with, 1 of them I’d die to have sex with, 1 of them I’d rather die than have sex with, 1 of them begged me to have sex with her, but I didn’t. Make your choice.

What kinda of tattoos do you have and what do they symbolize? 

Cobra: An L.A.M.F. one that doesn t need to be explained I guess ;-)  2 stars on the shoulder, Woody Woodpecker and a R.I.P. Tattoo for my granny that means a lot to me.

Paskkal: I have a butterfly on my chest. It symbolizes 2 things: 1. transformation. I was the ugly guy in school when I was a kid/teenager with the thick coke-bottle glasses. No chance to get the girl even though I needed it so bad. I dyed my hair black one time and a buddy told me how to use eyeliner and how to build up 80s hair when I finally got contact lenses. We were in a rock club when someone goes: “Hey, you look like Tommy Lee from Iron Maiden!” I didn’t know both names, but as two hot girls talked to me that night I learned fast… 2. Do what you feel, whatever it is. Don’t bow down to any cliche. They say a butterfly is a woman’s tattoo,but I like it. So i took it. I don’t care what “they” say. I’m not bi, but I don’t have to prove masculinity by following stupid do’s and don’ts. I do what I want. I’m gonna have more tattoos but since I have to earn my money and have to think about how to spend it, I always prefer travelling, LOL! I know a lot of tattoo artists quite well, but most of them really suck.

Who are your favorite pornstars?

Cobra: Puma Swede, Vivian Schmitt

Paskkal: Debi Diamond in position 1; Layla Rivera, Alexandria Quinn in number 2; Vica Ryder, Melissa Black and Annette Schwarz in number 3. I guess. Oh, Puma Swede. She rocks my roll. Vica has freakish blue eyes. No one has eyes like her. She’s a winner, she’s almost a ten. It’s not only about the looks but how someone acts in porn (and real life). It’s actually very hard to answer. Debi is #1, she’s got everything. The looks, the acting, the passion, the attitude.

Who writes the songs in Pornstar Airlines?

Paskkal: It’s me basically. But we also use songs I didn’t write. Sometimes it’s like the guitarists write the music without the vocal melody and I do that including doing the lyrics. A song is always divided in text and music. The vocal melody belongs to the music as well, so I get credits all the time, LOL ! The guitarists are good songwriters as well. Cobra is a good writer. ”High Degree Seduction” or “The Biggest Fan of Your Ass”, for instance, were perfectly written by Jani and some friend, but they didn’t have any idea for the vocal melody, so I completed that. Usually I don’t like to collaborate in songwriting. As an artist I have a complete picture of a song, even its rhythm. My favourite songs from other bands are written by ONE person, like Nikki Sixx, Steve Harris, Paul Stanley, Kristy Majors…Would Leonardo Da Vinci have been happy if someone added a violet and a butterfly to his SUNFLOWERS ?? ;-)

Do you have sex onstage like some other bands?

Paskkal: No, I never liked that. But some innuendos and short pretendings are quite cool. And dancers. I love pole-dancers.

What was the last concert you saw?

Cobra: Backyard Babies

Paskkal: The Mansfields, a punk-rock band. It was rad.

Will there only be sex lyrics in Pornstar Airlines song? There aren’t endless topics about asses and titties…

Paskkal: Hey,we don t have a song about titties yet! And none about DPs. And ATM. No missionary topic, no doggy one. See?There are some more. And then we’ll close Pornstar Airlines. And start again under the name Dogstar Airlines. I guess there are more dog races than positions. Speaking of dogs, I just created a new race: I crossed a Pitbull with a Shi-Tsu and called the result Bull-Shit… No,seriously: There are and will be lyrics about anything we think worth singing about. “Jokin and Smokin” has no sex lyrics. There’s a new song called “Animal Defense System,” one called “Bastard Saints” about people telling you not to cross the street during red lights but smoking in front of children. And a beautiful ballad called “Freakish Blue Eyes.” We can do what we want, we don’t have to fulfill expectations. We’re not mainstream, we do mainly good-time rock, heavily influenced by the 80s but harder than the most of the bands during that period.

What do you do in your leisure time? 

Cobra: Play guitar

Paskkal: I love aquariums and terrariums. Being a breeder I create and take care of them. Music is important too. And I still enjoy wanking off to films with Layla Rivera.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Paskkal: ThanXXX for flying with Pornstar Airlines. If you’re sick of being in seventh heaven, be sure we fly all the way up to number 8. If you’re sick of being on cloud 9, be sure we fly all the way up to number 69!


Fly Pornstar Airlines at: 



FOX On-The-Set XXXclusive!: Brandon Iron’s SHE IS HALF MY AGE 4

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It’s a dark drive down a winding, wooded driveway to Rose’s house. This would be the residence of the fabled “Rose” from the Redd Rose modeling agency, along with several young women she happens to represent at the moment. One of them is rangy Texan Madison Ivy who has just arrived from Sacramento, where she has been working as a stripper. Brandon Iron has booked her to do a scene with German porn icon Steve Holmes for his JM-distributed, Brandon Iron Productions movie She Is Half My Age 4. You can’t get much fresher, at least in a porn sense, than Madison who, at18, has been doing scenes for all of six days. And you can’t get much more of a certified pussy specialist than Holmes, who has violated thousands of vaginas on and off camera during his multi-continental erotic career. He can’t stop fucking and is in the right business. This dude is the real thing.

Iron sets up his lights in a smallish upstairs bedroom while Rose and several girls mill around the house trouncing up and down the stairs. Madison Ivy has changed into a pink bra and panties and is lounging on the huge brown bed that will serve as tonight’s fucking platform. “I’m super flexible and I can put my legs behind my head while I’m getting fucked,” she says, “I haven’t seen a lot of girls do that.” She lays back and places each heel behind her head with ease which elicits a collective “Whoa,” from Holmes, Iron and myself. All true pussy hounds dream about encountering women with this type of flexibility. When you actually run into this kind of thing for real the possibilities for sexual complexity immediately skyrocket. It’s also obvious that Madison is by no means reticent about employing this ability as a sexual motif. It seems to have become a major selling point.

Meet Madison Ivy and get the rest of the dirty details in the December issue of FOX!




FOX On-The-Set XXXclusive!: Jake Malone’s BITCHCRAFT 4

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There is a strange place that many porn people end up visiting during their careers. It’s called Jake World. It’s a place where time slows down and most of the regular rules of the universe cease to apply. They are replaced by Jake Rules, which are by no means unkind. Actually, the opposite is true because Jake Rules are less linear and more forgiving, but stuff just takes longer. Whatever events occur are free to blossom in their own special way. Evil Angel director Jake Malone comes up with atypical ways to state the obvious and all participants—or some might even say “captors”—within the Jake phenomena need to re-tool their ideas about linear time in order to function at maximum efficiency. Once you are on the bus, surprising and bizarre happenings accompany what can sometimes turn out to be a convoluted ride. But at the end of it all the porn produced is pretty off the fucking hook.

For today’s scene in Bitchcraft 4, Malone has called in some big guns. Spiegler Girl Bobbi Starr and Sasha Grey, both sexual extremists of great repute and ability, know how to earn their whore bucks. Unlike the recent crop of sexual nitpickers (several of whom I have even seen complain about not being able to take larger than average cock on a porn shoot for fuck’s sake), Bobbi and Sasha can and will take what is given to them as a matter of course—and then some.





FOX Q&A: New Spiegler Girl Mina Leigh

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FOX: How does a standard day go for Mina Leigh?

Mina Leigh: The days I do porn scenes start the night before with lots of sleep. There’s a whole routine of grooming and staying healthy when I do this work; it can be very taxing on the body. But after a shower, I go to my shoot. I love getting hair and make-up done. It’s like this silly childhood fantasy of being pampered comes true and I get goose bumps of joy and flattery. I always enjoy doing the “pretty girl” photos, which is actually my favorite part. I have some previous experience in modeling, so I’m in my comfort zone. I still get nervous before scenes, especially when it’s talent I’ve never worked with. Sometimes there’s chemistry; sometimes there isn’t and sometimes I’m just shy. Either way, I push past it and try to do the best scene I can, no matter what I’m feeling. I approach all work that way. After a scene, I shower, eat and nap.

You’ve just started shooting porn scenes. What is your favorite scene so far?

My favorite scene is also my first scene with James Deen. In this scene, I didn’t have to play a character, nor did I know how a porn star should act, so I just got to be myself and have sex like I would have in my personal life. He’s also a great performer; He knows how to bring a lot of energy out in his scenes while maintaining hot poses. Though, I have to admit, I went a little crazy, sometimes compromising the poses. But what can I say? That’s what amateur is all about—reality.

Hey, we’re never going to complain if you’re enjoying your work. Moving on, the planets all fell into alignment and nobody has a scene for Mina Leigh to shoot today. You’ve got a full 24 hours to do whatever you want and nobody to answer to. How would you spend that day?

Well, I don’t remember the last time I had no one to answer to; That’s a foreign concept to me. I’m on my laptop all the time when I’m not doing scenes. I’m a web designer, so I’m juggling that life with my porn life. But if I didn’t even have to do that, I’d be writing and working on my artistic endeavors. I’m obsessed with developing my art and hope one day I get more notoriety for that than my pussy.

I can certainly understand that, although after watching you in action I hope you take a loooonngggg time to perfect your craft. You look tiny! Are you even 95 pounds? How tall are you?

Yes, I’m petite, but no, I’m not 95 pounds—rather, 105 and 5’4″. When I started in the business, I was about 10 pounds heavier. As a belly dancer, it’s sexier to have curves, but I realized it’s not as flattering on-camera, so I changed my diet to lots of protein (fakin’ bacon, eggs and fish), salads and whole fruit, and quickly lost the weight.

Five-four and 105 is still pretty damn petite. What genre of porn do you like working in best so far? Why?

I prefer anal shoots. They’re my favorite scenes to watch, so why not be in them. I also love girl-girl, but I have yet to just do an all girl-girl scene. Too bad they’re not in high demand—I love women.

Apparently we can look forward to a girl-girl anal strap-on scene somewhere in your future. Let us know when that shoot comes up so we can put it on the calendar!


Are you feature dancing as well?

I never feature danced, but I am a belly dancer—and I never involve stripping in my routines. Belly dancing is a celebration of the female figure that takes lots of strength, technique and mood. It’s the ultimate art of seduction, yet it embodies female power.

Has anybody offered you work that you turned down flat? If so, why?

Yes, during my first week in porn, my then agent got a call for an anal cream pie shoot for me and I turned it down. It’s a sanitary thing.

I can understand that. I’m disappointed, but I can understand that. Tell us one thing about Mina Leigh that nobody knows.

I’m not your average porn chick, by any means. Actually, I’m a total hippie in certain ways: eating local, organic foods; cooking for myself; supporting local businesses; encouraging thoughtful conversation whenever possible. I, however, am not the type of hippie that’s preachy, judgmental or lazy. If I bank in porn, or in any of my other future endeavors, I would love to put my hard work into philanthropy. I have this dream of creating a self-sustaining, green, urban community. Hopefully, my projects will encourage accountability and social responsibility just by their atmosphere and communal structure. I’ve also mentored children in my past and hope to put my focus into that again.

Do you have favorite male and female performers?

That’s easy; James Deen and Joanna Angel. I love their sense of humor in the Burning Angel movies.

Okay, the director on the set is bored and he wants you to come up with any scene that you want. What do you do and who are you doing it with?

First, I’d like to say that I feel like most porn falls short exploring sensuality. There’s nothing wrong with hot penetration, but I love tongues, hands strokes, kissing—and that doesn’t mean softcore either. Tease me to the inevitable; I love foreplay. And please, fucking add a sexy rim light! As far as the scene, I want to make it an epic movie about international spies and assassins starring Belladonna, Sasha Grey, Evie Delatosso, Mz Berlin, Roxy DeVille, Katsuni and me, but I want to play a Turkish belly dancer. I also want a French punk burlesque scene too with Joanna Angel and a few hot Burning Angel girls. Have it be a film noir porn. Of course, it’ll have lots of crazy group sex, girl-girl, anal, dps, even fetish amongst all the top secret betrayal.

Tell us the sluttiest thing you’ve ever done.

Isn’t porn slutty enough? I recently did a scene that was an anal peep show, where one guy fucked my ass while three other guys watched then they came in my mouth. That’s pretty slutty! My personal life is not that vivid.

That’s pretty slutty, but to answer your question, FOX believes a woman can never be too slutty. So when you wind up your porn career, what do you think you might do for a living?

Well, I’ll keep doing websites throughout my career in porn, but I hope to expand my professional creativity in larger projects. I’m a dreamer, so maybe I’ll be lucky enough to be a philanthropist and make my dreams of a better world a reality.

Would you like to say anything to your fans?

Look forward to lots of hot anal from me soon!

Oh we do Mina, we REALLY do!

Photographs courtesy Mina Leigh/




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Ami Emerson Eats 65-Man Cum Omelette!

Ami Emerson Eats 71-Man Cum Omelette!

Johnny Thrust Self-Portrait After Robbery

Johnny Thrust: Self-Portrait After Robbery

(Sepulveda/North Hills CA) Jim Powers’ Ami Emerson cum-omelette eating Gokkun shoot for JM Productions was interrupted Wednesday evening by an armed gunman who robbed the production at gunpoint. Just before the motley crop of male talent dropped trou and loads, production manager Johnny Thrust burst onto the San Fernando Valley soundstage, shouting “I just got fucking robbed! They put a gun to my head!” Thrust described the gunman as a light-skinned black man wearing an LA Dodgers jacket over a Kevlar vest. The reported take was $3,750.



FOX Q&A: Moxxie Maddron

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We here at have the best jobs on the planet. Sure, the pay is crap, the hours are long and Charlie Malloy occasionally throws empty pint glasses at our heads. But where else do you get to have private conversations with Hell House Media contract girl (and new FOX editor!) Moxxie Maddron?

FOX: “Moxxie Maddron” is a fairly unusual name. How did you choose it?

Moxxie: Several years ago, I was working in a restaurant/lounge, and a regular customer always called me “Moxie.” I asked him why. He said, “Well, girl, you gotta lotta Moxie!” I looked up its definition that evening. It definitely suited me!! I liked it. I began using it as a login name online, adding another “x,” since I did not want to spell it the same as the soda! I also used it as an out-of-town alias the occasional weekend when a friend and I would get the hell out of our tiny little podunk hometown to go get into trouble and have some fun.

So at my first shoot, I used “Moxxie.” Later, when the woman doing my paperwork asked about a last name, I wanted something alliterated, asked if she had any suggestions? “Didn’t you say your friend’s name started with an ‘M’?” She asked. “He’s been sitting outside in the car all day waiting to take care of you.” The scene was a very heavy BDSM shoot, and a friend had come with me, and waited in the car all day, making sure I was safe, and to drive me the two hours home, knowing I would be in no condition to drive myself home afterward. “Why don’t you make it a tribute to him?” So “Moxxie Maddron” it was. Of course at the time I was convinced this was a one time thing only!! Not the start of a new career!! I like my name, even though it tends to get misspelled a lot… it suits me! And no one else has it!

As we’ve all seen, you have a ton of looks and have been in a lot of genres in the industry. What’s your favorite look and what’s your favorite kind of adult film?

I have had quite a few looks… I think that’s kind of part of growing up. I had more of a goth look when I came into the biz, though I was never a goth girl!! I was just pale and have dark hair and piercings, and tats. I think that look worked better with what I did then, the more BDSM, fetish, and bondage work. Pale skin shows hand prints and other various marks quite well!!

I have moved into a more mainstream look, but with still an edgy “bad girl” look. That comes with the tats and piercings, I guess! I feel like now I have a good balance! People have seen that I can play pretty and nice as well as rough ’n’ tumble! I can wear pink lace, OR black vinyl corsets and collars. About the only look I can’t do is barely legal or blond, LOL!

As for my favorite kind of adult film, as a performer, my favorite type of scene is an aggressive, intense sex scene. Not necessarily BDSM, just where the guy (or guys!) are definitely giving it to me deep and hard and fast and furious. Holding me down and making me take it… Add in a little slapping, choking, biting, hair pulling is hot as hell and encouraged, but I don’t want that to be the point. GREAT sex should be the point! The kind where you can’t talk or see straight by the time you’re finished.

It’s been a long tough day on the set. Your male co-star is having problems performing and they might cancel the shoot. What do you do when something like that happens?

I am quite blessed, and have never had this happen to me!! Knock on EVERY big ol’ piece of wood in the world. I have had a guy “noodle,” where he struggled to perform, but it’s only happened a couple times, and thankfully, it has never lasted long! It was usually from rough working conditions, long days, late night by the time we shot, or shooting in extreme heat. When a guy is having a hard time, I just do whatever I can to help him get back where he needs to be! ;)

Director, photographer, talent. Name your favorite people to work with.

Ooohhh…. Let’s see, for favorite directors, Eli Cross, Quasarman, are a couple of my favorites, and Chris King doubles as director AND fave photographer. As for performers… Mark Davis, Kylie Ireland, James Deen, and so many others, the list goes on!!

What scene has been the most memorable, that stands out above all the others?


There are two scenes, in two completely different ways!!

When I first worked for, (they’re gone now, reference it was crazy!! They were super nice and fun to work with…of course until the scene started! It was the most intense scene pain-wise I had or have ever experienced, yet I was so proud, since I didn’t stop the scene. I screamed my head off in agony, I walked away with zebra stripes from ass to ankles and deep tissue bruising for a month. Insex was THE best of that type of work, and I shot for them, and did an excellent job. It was definitely memorable!

The other is a little more sexy! It was about a year and half ago, I was shooting for Vivid for the first time, for Eli Cross’ last couple movies for them. The scene was with Mark Davis and Kylie Ireland. No set up, he just grabbed us both by the hair, told us to kiss, and it was on! Crazy filthy fucking ensued. Kylie and I both got fucked deeply in every hole, including for my first time ever, Kylie fisted me! Tons of extra people were on set just to watch it was such a HOT scene. By the time it was over, Kylie and I just laid there next to each other with silly smiles on our faces staring at the ceiling, not really ready to move, thoroughly satisfied. It was DEFINITELY a great scene, great sex, and a great time!!

Have you ever shot a scene you enjoyed so much you thought, “Holy crap? They’re going to pay me for that”

Absolutely! So many times! Thats one of the incredible things about my job! I get to have amazing sex, AND get to take home a paycheck!

You’ve already had a pretty extensive career, but nothing lasts forever. What do you plan to do when you retire from porn?

I have a few ideas!! I used to manage bars and nightclubs, I loved it and I was good at it! I may buy a bar someday after porn. I also  want to go to school. I want to take psychology, whether I turn it into a career or not. Whatever I do, I want to do it living on a small farm!






FOX Q&A: Ryder Skye

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FOX: How does a typical day start for Ryder Skye?

Ryder Skye: I wake up, go take a shower and grab my stuff and head out to the set. I always pack everything I need the night before so I just throw it in the car and go. Once I get on set, I check out what I’m doing that day and take care of…uh…anything that I need to take care of.

What have you got on your plate for this week? Are you doing any filming?

I’m working entirely mainstream this week up until Sunday, then I’m shooting a scene for Wicked. I was an extra for Everybody Hates Chris today.


Yeah. I work mainstream background all the time, I was working background before I became an adult actress. I did the new 90210 series this week as well.

That’s crazy! I had no idea you were doing background work! I knew about the Sex and the City shot, but I didn’t know about any of these other shows.

They weren’t big parts, because I normally just work background. But I worked on Californication too, as well as Dexter.

You’re killing me, Ryder. I love that show! All I want to do is pump you for details on Dexter now! What did you do in Dexter?

I was in a scene where I was participating in strip beer pong. I didn’t have any lines but I was a major part of the scene.

That’s awesome. That’s such a great show to be a part of.

It’s my favorite part of doing mainstream background work. They treat you like shit and the pay isn’t that great, but you can be sitting there watching the show and go “Hey, that’s me!”

I can’t argue with that at all, that’s got to be a really nice feeling. Speaking of really nice feelings, what’s your favorite part of being an adult film star? What’s your least favorite?

The best part of being an adult star, being in porn really, is having control over your life. There’s lots of work out there to be had if you have your act together, so you don’t need to take every job if you don’t want to. You don’t have to take the abuse that you would take in any other job. I used to have a job selling annuities to people on the phone. I had to train for a month before I could do it and people got so angry and abusive with me when I was working with them.

I can completely understand that. When people are talking on the phone they say things that they wouldn’t dream of saying in person.

Well, they were calling me about their money, so they naturally are going to be more upset than normal. I can understand why they would be upset. But that’s why it’s nice to work in the adult film industry, nothing like that ever happens to me now.


Oh! And I really enjoy the sex! A lot!

Is there anything you don’t like about working in the film industry?

Well, sometimes you have to work with people that you don’t like.

I think that happens with any job, doesn’t it?

Yes, but you don’t have to have sex with people you don’t like in other jobs.

That is very, very true. Okay, so moving on, you’re off set and away from L.A. Nobody knows who you are or what you do for a living. What does Ryder Skye go do with some free time and a little privacy?

I don’t know. I might go to the gym and work out, or go shopping. I’m not really very good at having spare time. I guess if I had nothing else to do I would sit on the couch and rewatch the X-Files. That’s what I’m right in the middle of doing now anyways.

What did you think of the new X-Files movie?

Omigod, it’s terrible! It just sucked! I was embarrassed watching that film, it’s not even an X-File!

I think they waited too long for that one. Like seven years too long.

I think they rushed the script to get it done before the writers strike. I think it really hurt the final film.

Let’s suppose you’ve been put in charge of a scene, you can decide on the talent, pick the director and film crew and design the scene from the ground up. Who’s in the scene and what are you doing in it?

I’m in charge of the scene? What do you mean? Like mainstream or porn?

Either or. It’s your scene, you can do whatever you want in it.

I don’t think I’d cast anyone specifically except for Lindsay Meadows, and I’d do a music video porn! That would be really cool! If I could find a way to do it, I’d dub in some Stones or Zeppelin for it.

That is so not the standard porn answer I was expecting. [Ryder laughs] You’ve got two pieces of artwork on your left shoulder and lower back. Do you think you might get more? Do these cause any problems on shoots, or has the industry pretty much adapted to the reality that ink is a common and popular thing for people to do now?

I may eventually get more. But as long as I’m in porn I won’t get anymore, it’s already cost me work just having those two small pieces.

Seriously? People actually told you they didn’t want you in a scene because of those tattoos?

They told me right to my face. They’re somewhat accepted, but the less ink you have the better off you are in this business.

I’m still a little stunned that someone turned you down based on that.

Well, it happens.

Who are your best friends in the adult film industry? How did you meet them?

Lindsay Meadows, she’s my best friend. September Dawn, she was my agent before I started working with Mark (Spiegler) and I loved her. Barrett Blade he got me into the Wicked stuff I’m doing now and I really appreciate him for that. I really don’t make a lot of friends in the business because I’m a big homebody. I don’t really go partying or anything, I just stay home a lot. School and work keeps me really busy, so I have a lot more acquaintances than I have really good friends.

Without naming any names, do you have any good stories from shoots?

Well, there was one guy that I was doing a scene with, and he came up to me beforehand and asked me what my No List was…

You mean like talent?

No, I mean things I don’t like doing in a scene, where I don’t like to be touched and stuff. So I explained my entire list, and then he gave me his entire No List. After that, we started the scene and he did every single thing that I asked him not to do. It was pretty upsetting.

Really? What a jackass.

It happens. Most of the male talent that I work with are great, just really professional and considerate. That guy was the only exception.

Tell me one thing about Ryder Skye that nobody would know.

Well, I actually suffer from Stage Fright!

Oh, come on! You? Stage Fright? I find that pretty hard to believe.

I’m pretty insecure and a big klutz. I’m always bumping into things and I’m always afraid that I’m going to screw things up. Once we get rolling I’m fine, but until we do I’m just a wreck.

I see from your website that you seem to favor clips for sale and VOD, do you feel these are more lucrative than the standard website subscription? Does it help you produce content better by seeing what sells and what doesn’t?

It hasn’t made me any money, I make nothing off that. I mean, I feel it could actually be very lucrative to make individual clips, but with school and scenes and working background for mainstream I don’t have the time that I need to make enough content for that.

What about dancing?

I have danced previously but it wasn’t as a feature dancer. I’m not dancing currently and I’m not sure that I want to invest the time and effort it would take for me to be a feature dancer. I love dancing, I love the moves, but it’s not something I’m interested in doing right now.

How did the Sex and the City cameo come about? Did you meet any of the celebrities? How were you treated on the set? Would you do it again?

I was in the point of view sex scene, and we shot it on the last day of filming. I didn’t get to meet any of the big stars unfortunately, but it was great because that shoot got me my SAG card, and that’s a great thing to have.

What do you think you might do after you finish your adult film career? Is there any field you think you might do really well in?

Well, it’s a long way off because I just switched my major, but I’m working towards becoming a marriage counselor or a sex therapist. You can’t do porn forever.

It might be a little bit of a dip in your income for you to change careers like that.

Oh, I don’t know. A therapist can make a lot of money.

Actually, you’re right. I hadn’t considered that. Anything you’d like to say to your fans before you go?

Thank you for watching my stuff! I hope it was as enjoyable for you to watch as it was for me to make!





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